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It's your desktop; customize it the way you like

Everyone's got a different taste. This counts for clothes, art, ... and your desktop. You should be able to customize your desktop to your needs, no matter if your computer supports 3D acceleration or not.

Unity 2D Configuration Utility helps you customize your Unity 2D desktop to your likings.


Recent revisions

15. By RobinJ on 2012-05-11

Added a warning dialog for when the user is not running Ubuntu 12.04.

14. By RobinJ on 2012-05-11

Replaced the notify-osd telling you to log out and log back in by a dialog, but it only shows when some of the QML properties were changed.

13. By RobinJ on 2012-05-10

Made the dialog unresizable.
After running the application as root by hitting the unlock button, you now get a notification telling you that you might need to log out and log back in, in order to see the changes.

12. By RobinJ on 2012-05-10

Added a dialog that warns the user when he is not running Unity 2D, and asks if he wants to continue anyway.

11. By RobinJ on 2012-05-09

It's in beta! This basically means that the risk of screwing up your system is almost as small as it can get...
People who'd like to give it a look, or help me by testing the application, can download it from http://www.robinj.be/unity-2d-config-util/download/unity-2d-config-util-beta.deb
Bugs can be reported at https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-2d-config-util
Feature requests and other questions can be asked at https://answers.launchpad.net/unity-2d-config-util

10. By RobinJ on 2012-05-08

The unlock buttons work.
Almost time for beta testing; All features are currently working!

9. By RobinJ on 2012-05-06

Added tyhe info box and the unlock button to features which require root permissions. The unlock button doesn't do anything yet, though.

8. By RobinJ on 2012-04-25

Added the possibility to change the Dash opacity.

7. By RobinJ on 2012-04-24

Settings can now be retrieved from QML files.

6. By RobinJ on 2012-04-24

Added links to the bottom of the About page.
The opacity of the Launcher can now also be controlled.

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