Curriculum Vitae


  • Rapid7 (Dublin, Ireland) 7/’17-…
    • Full-stack developer on the company’s logging solution.
  • Webtown (Letterkenny, Ireland) 9/’16-7/’17
    • Development of custom CMS, variety of WordPress & WooCommerce plugins, and control panel to manage and perform maintenance tasks on websites, as well as other backend development and Linux sysadmin tasks.
  • CloudRanger (Letterkenny, Ireland) 3/’16-6/’16
    • Backend (API) development of advanced web application using DynamoDB, Express and Node.js. Integration with AngularJS frontend as well as a Scala application for interfacing with external services, incorporating several Amazon Web Services including S3.
Holiday- & weekend job:
  • Heuvel-Folie-Serres (Sint-Lenaarts, Belgium)
    • Development (backend & frontend) of several websites for the company, with custom-built CMS systems where needed. Functionality includes ability for employees of the company to manage websites’ contents including uploading pictures, after which pictures will be processed by the CMS (resize, compress, apply watermark, …).
Spare time:
  • DistroHopper
    • A home screen replacement for Android that can resemble a number of different Linux desktops, including Ubuntu’s Unity desktop and elementary OS’s Pantheon desktop. The application also has support for fetching search results from external sources.
  • System administrator & developer at Student Information Network (SIN)
    • Student organisation at Thomas More, Geel that offers web services and tech support to students
    • Custom-written control panel for both users and administrators of Debian servers, including ability to manage system users, Apache vHosts, FTP accounts, e-mail addresses and forwards, and system maintenance tasks. Integrates with Apache, ProFTPD, MySQL, Postfix, ownCloud, Cron and Proxmox.
  • Coach at CoderDojo Geel (Belgium) & Mentor at CoderDojo Letterkenny (Ireland)
    • Guiding children between the ages of 7 and 18 years old in learning basic programming principles in a stimulating, often playful way.
      CoderDojo Geel offers a multitude of trajectories for the kids to follow, including Scratch, Python, Arduino, HTML/CSS, C# and Minecraft (redstone).


I have sufficient understanding of the following technologies to independently use them and where necessary expand my knowledge of them;

  • PHP & Laravel
  • SQL (especially MariaDB/MySQL)
  • Javascript & jQuery (client-side)
  • Node.js (server-side)
  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • Java (especially Android)
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • WordPress plugin development
  • Linux system administration (Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux)

I also have a limited amount of experience with the following technologies: DynamoDB, CoffeeScript, Python, ASP.NET, C++ (& Qt), Vala, Drupal, Proxmox


Language Estimated skill level
Dutch Native
English Bilingual proficiency (CEFR level C2)
French Notions
German Notions


High school: 2007-2013: SO-Zenit, Turnhout

  • Industrial Sciences & IT
College: 2013-2016: Thomas More, Geel

  • Bachelor Applied Computer Science

2015: Semester abroad at Letterkenny Institute of Technology

  • 4th year Honours Degree Applied Computing
  • Special Purpose Award in Social/Civic Engagement