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Custom home screen replacement for Android with themes resembling various Linux distributions as well as a search feature with support for several (internal and external) search sources.

This is a spare-time project I started when I was in high school, which I am still working on based on feedback users leave on the Google Play Store, or on the Github repository. The codebase has however seen a couple of rewrites in the meantime.

Technologies used: JavaAndroid SDK

Sprint Retrospective

One of those projects that started out as a throwaway experiment to play with some different technologies, and happened to turn into something useful.

"How do these new React Hooks work?" turned into "Let's hook this up to an API and a database... I wonder what MongoDB is like?" and quickly became a full Kubernetes cluster with each component of the application running in Docker containers that are replicated/load balanced across 2 nodes.

Technologies used: ReactNode.jsExpress.jsMongoDBDockerKubernetes


Control panel for both users and administrators of a Debian server.

Ability to manage system users, Apache vHosts, FTP-accounts, e-mail addresses and forwards, run system maintenance tasks, …

Technologies used: PHPLaravelMariaDB

Integration with: ApacheProFTPDPostfixMariaDBownCloudCron